CoinHJ v1.1 – Crypto Coin Clipboard Hijacker

CoinHJ v1.1 – Crypto Coin Clipboard Hijacker


CoinHJ v1.1 – Crypto Coin Clipboard Hijacker

Program allows realtime hijacking/replacing of crypto coin
addresses contained in clipboard with the addresses defined by you.
Supports 20+ most popular crypto coin formats (and almost all tokens).
Easy to use. No hidden installer or backdoor. No payment! Free to download and use.
Runs silently in the background without any user interface.

Gomorrah Stealr 4.0 Cracked

Autorun installation feature. Straightaway configuration editor.
Clipboard processing is lightning fast and every address is checksum tested,
so detection is 100% precise. No shitty slow and buggy regular expressions.
Programmed in C++, no dependencies. Exe and also dll (32/64-bit) versions.
Works under 32 or 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, …
Unicode aware. Program works also under non-privileged users.

All popular coins are supported:

– Bitcoin BTC (standard and bech32(m) addresses)
…and all coins that uses same address format, for example Tether (USDT)
– Ethereum ETH
…and all coins/tokens with same address format, so as ALL Ethereum tokens,
Ethereum Classic and their tokens, Binance Smart Chain and their tokens, etc.
– Cardano ADA
– Ripple XRP
– Bitcoin Cash BCH (pubkeyhash and scripthash)
– Litecoin LTC (standard and bech32 addresses)
– Binance Coin BNB
– Waves WAVES
– Solana SOL
– Polkadot DOT
– Avalanche AVAX (X and P chains)
– Tron TRX
– Dogecoin DOGE
– Stellar XLM
– Cosmos ATOM
– Neo NEO
– Monero XMR (standard and integrated addresses)
– ZCash ZEC (t and z addresses)
– Iota MIOTA
– Dash DASH

Whatsapp +79017473945
Discord: blackhatrussiaofficial#5904


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