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Atmos Banking trojan Cracked [Re-uploaded]



Cutlet Maker ATM malware is a notorious malware strain that targets automated teller machines (ATMs) to steal cash. The malware was first discovered by Kaspersky Lab in 2017 and has since caused significant damage to financial institutions worldwide. In this article, we will discuss the details of the Cutlet Maker ATM malware and its impact on the banking industry.

What is Cutlet Maker ATM Malware?

Cutlet Maker is a type of ATM malware that allows criminals to withdraw cash from ATMs without the need for a physical ATM card. The malware is installed on the ATM’s operating system by hackers who gain access to the ATM’s internal systems through remote access or physical access. Once the malware is installed, the attackers can manipulate the ATM’s internal processes to dispense cash on command.

The Cutlet Maker ATM malware is part of a family of ATM malware known as “jackpotting” malware. Jackpotting malware is designed to force ATMs to dispense cash in large quantities, as if hitting a jackpot in a casino. The Cutlet Maker malware is particularly dangerous because it is relatively easy to install, and the attacks can be carried out remotely.

How does Cutlet Maker ATM Malware work?

Cutlet Maker ATM malware works by exploiting vulnerabilities in the ATM’s operating system. Once the attackers gain access to the system, they can install the malware on the ATM. The malware then communicates with the attackers’ command and control server, which sends instructions to the malware on how much cash to dispense and when to dispense it.

The malware is designed to override the ATM’s security measures and bypass the authentication process that typically requires an ATM card and a personal identification number (PIN). Instead, the attackers can trigger the dispensing of cash simply by sending a command to the malware.

Impact of Cutlet Maker ATM Malware

Cutlet Maker ATM malware has had a significant impact on the banking industry worldwide. The malware has been used to carry out attacks on ATMs in countries such as Russia, China, and India, and has resulted in the theft of millions of dollars.

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The malware has also proven to be difficult to detect and remove. Because it operates at the system level of the ATM, it can evade detection by traditional antivirus software. Additionally, the malware is designed to delete itself after a successful attack, making it even harder to identify.

As a result of the widespread use of Cutlet Maker ATM malware, financial institutions worldwide have had to increase their security measures to protect against ATM attacks. This has included measures such as upgrading their ATM software, installing physical barriers around ATMs, and increasing the frequency of ATM inspections.


Cutlet Maker ATM malware is a dangerous strain of ATM malware that has caused significant damage to financial institutions worldwide. The malware is designed to bypass ATM security measures and allow attackers to withdraw cash remotely. As a result, financial institutions have had to increase their security measures to protect against ATM attacks, which has added additional costs and resources to their operations. The battle against ATM malware is ongoing, and it is essential for financial institutions to remain vigilant and prepared to defend against these types of attacks.

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