DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked

DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked


DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked

VT Builder (without gluing estesno): Functional bot: + protection program to scan bot: Wireshark, HTTPAnalyzer, ProcessHacker, MonitorTraffic and just continue this list. + HTTP Flood (Reset TCP Flags) – if you read the specification of the tcp protocol, then for the implementation of the load, you need to reset the connection without waiting for a response from the server, this method is used for DDoS attacks on sites.

  • HTTP Flood (ARMA Method) – synchronizes all active streams and connections among themselves, waits until the request is sent and closes the connections, i.e. simultaneously sends a bunch of requests on the same level with all the bots … + SYN Flood – it works on the two modes described above and waits until the server returns the answer.
  • UDP Flood – sends huge rdndomizirovanny packages
  • Additional Loader, if there is no botnet build on the PC, then this “loader” will load the build (i.e. recover)
  • Main Loader – download and launch the file.

    Darktrack Alien 4.1

  • In the panel, you can set the time for otstukov all bots.
  • Uninstall build on bots in 1 click in the panel.
  • Running Proxy servers with different types of HTTP / S, Socks 4/5 with login or password for authorization.
  • Functions for uploading any files from the victim from the PC, and sending them to the panel.
  • Functions for working with memory, turning off DEP mode – for writing to memory.
  • Bypass to bypass UAC’a, works on WinXP.
  • Exploit SMB (Can Enable)

jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

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DarkSky DDoS Loader

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