Lordix botnet Cracked+Tutorial

Lordix botnet Cracked+Tutorial


Lordix botnet Cracked+Tutorial

1. Full information on victim’s PC screen with information
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2. Every n minutes the bot makes a screenshot of the user’s screen and sends it to the panel (the time from the knock can be selected in
3.loading and starting (to disk)
4. Update client on PC and invisible)
6. Zack7.Command execution
8. Uploading a file to the server
9. Http ddos (beta)

LoveNikki Stealer Cracked

11.Targeting by system Miner module:
12.Minin on the PC user profile

13.PP config process or window (panel setting)
15. hashrate display Stiller module: cookies and passes from browsers files’
floor (in folders and subfolders extension can be configured in the panel)
sticks in the panel
Clipper module:
benefits in the text
fertilizerinto the panel
wallets can be configured from the panel
in 3 independent branches , if only to remove the most
be with another
USb auto
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The bot will not work!
there are no drops, all work happens 1 file
Virtual machine protection
Spoiler: List
– VirtualBox
– VMWare
– Anubis
– OllyDBG
– Sandboxie
– Mawr
– Procexp
– Wine.
– apateDNS
– Wireshark

jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

Password : adrikadi

Download Link 1

Download Link 3

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