Project Neptune v2.0

Project Neptune v2.0


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Project Neptune v2.0

Project Neptune includes many features that separate it from similar programs and simply make it the best – and no, these features and functions aren’t half-way coded, dinky scripts. Each of these functions are entirely custom coded and heavily tested. These features are listed below, and are in accordance to the screenshots of the tabs above. Keep in mind that Premium features are excluded and there’s more on those after this section.


Tab One/General Functionality
[+] Easy to understand, comprehensive GUI, complete with tooltips to guide you along.
[+] Obfuscated variables and other vital settings. Uses custom random keys, Greek orientated. View a screenshot here.
[+] Entirely stable and functioning keylogger with constant support and updates.
[+] Ability to send logs to FTP (only on Premium) and/or email. Complete functionality in both with simple, easy to understand log formats.
[+] Logs all keys on an English keyboard using sophisticated, custom coded keyboard hooks.
[+] Vital program processes are multithreaded to increase maximum stability.
[+] Completely customizable logs and log intervals.

[+] Customizable backspace recording, clipboard recording, and shift/caps lock recording.
[+] Ability to record system specs, including Windows key, OS version, and more.
[+] Ability to disable Windows Task Manager through 3 different methods, each with shown levels of suspicion.
[+] Ability to disable the Windows Registry Editing tool.
[+] Ability to disable Windows DOS/Command Prompt.
[+] Ability to disable the Windows Vista/7 User Account Control.
[+] Two separate add to startup methods, each with varying levels of security needed.
[+] Five dynamic installation locations (meaning they change with each computer to ensure the file is installed to the right place), and one customizable, non-dynamic location for hard installation.
[+] Ability to delete, melt, or hide the original file after installation.
[+] Entirely customizable messagebox to run on the file’s first startup.
[+] Ability to self destruct on a specified date.
[+] Ability to send installation message on the file’s first startup.
[+] Ability to not send logs if nothing has been typed.

AutoLOG Keylogger UAC Exploit Immortal Persistence Password Recovery

[+] Ability to send screenshots with normal logs.
[+] Ability to customize file’s details, including the file description, copyright, and company.
[+] Customizable mutex string – mutex increases stability and functionality by preventing two copies of your file from being ran simultaneously.
[+] Customizable process name.

[+] Ability to disable and delete your file through the ‘Cure’ system.
[+] You have the ability to save your entire application settings list for future usage.
[+] Ability to manage your saved settings very easily through the right-click menu on the settings list.
[+] Ability to make any of your settings automatically load on the program’s startup.
[+] Ability to copy any of the selected settings for easy debugging and testing by any of the PN staff members.
[+] Integrated HWID grabbing and checking for the premium version.
[+] Important websites and URLs.
[+] Upgrade checking.
[+] Latest program news.
[+] Project Neptune comes with a fully functional file binder
[+] Ability to bind as many files as you want.
[+] Customizable drop location for all files.
[+] Customizable drop delay for all files.
[+] Ability to copy the MD5 checksum of each file for later debugging.
[+] Ability to check what the filesize of the built file will be.

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Password : adrikadi

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