Quasar Rat Golden Edition V

Quasar Rat Golden Edition V


Quasar Rat Golden Edition V

Latest version: v1.4.1.0
– Text To Speech
– Turn Off Monitor
– Change Desktop Wallpaper
– Swap Mouse Buttons
– Desktop Hide/Show
– Taskbar Hide/Show
– CD Rom Open/Close
– Clear Clipboard
– Set Clipboard

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– Delete Event Log (Eventviewer)
– Delete System Restore Points
– TaskManager Disable/Enable
– CMD Disable/Enable
– Regedit Disable/Enable
– Startup Persistence
– Process Persistence // TASK SCHEDULER
– Botkiller //Kill other rats, malware installed on the system.
– Compression // Output will be smaller.
– AntiVM //Won’t run in a Virtual Machine
– Anti Sandboxie //Won’t run in a sandboxie
– Anti-Debug
– USB Spread
– Choose USB Spread Name
– Obfuscation of the output.

– Anti-Debug
– Delete Event Log (Event Viewer)
– Startup Persistence
– Bugs fixed

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Quasar rat

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