Shell Manager

Shell Manager

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Shell Manager

I present to your attention the shell manager ~ ShELL EnSlaVeR ~. The system works only with WSO shells.
Developing this software, I conducted work in two directions:
– Maximum usability using the most modern technologies in web coding
– The introduction of extensive functionality
And that’s what happened in the end.

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Framer works on the principle of engine signatures. This means that in order to add a new engine, you do not need to rewrite the code. A person who is far from programming can even add a new engine.
In addition, the script is written in such a way that it squeezes the maximum out of the shell, everything is thought out, there is no pale (date of change, other rights), where you can specify the tag (body or body) …
Who is interested in the algorithm in detail – write to the toad
At the moment in the signatures the following engines: wordpress, joomla, drupal 6, drupal 7, modx. You yourself can easily expand signatures, do not forget.-Drain Mobile Traffic (.htaccess editor)
The algorithm searches for all .htaccess files on the server and inserts your code upstairs. Where there is no .htaccess it will be created with your code.
In a word, the algorithm has been improved to the ideal, squeezes out the maximum. ALL traffic flows, does not leave the “sheets” of the code.- Linking from scrap
It is useful for SEOs. It works the same way as the Framer (according to a similar algorithm, only instead of a cesspool frame or link)-Upload files
Uploading files to your shells. As a result, you get links to successfully uploaded files.-Save
Saving shells. The result can be downloaded as an archive from the server, or you can view it on the spot. Shell + password or just a shell (optional). Everything is very convenient (Ajax)-Backdoor
You can add backdoor to a particularly valuable shell.

Graphs for the analysis of shells for various parameters. A quick assessment of the state (quality) of shells.

-Check on valid
Checking the shell for a valid, the result of the check is assigned to the shell (marked in the table, it can be sorted)

-Selection and sorting
On the client side, without reloading the page, the search is live.

– Software operation modes
The software can work in different modes depending on your activity. For example, define only ALEXA rank, etc. It is necessary to increase the speed of work.

-Domain Searcher
Searches for all domains on the server. Issues quantity and list

– Go to the shell without a password
I decided to mention this chip. Now you don�t need to enter a password when switching to a shell. I�m opening a shell with a password as well as a shell without a password

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