Windows Expert Tool 6.0

Windows Expert Tool 6.0


Windows Expert Tool 6.0

This program will recover saved passwords on your computer.
Run as administrator. Some security tools (antivirus and others)
detects ‘false-positive’.




* Backup Product Keys saved in all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
* Backup Product Keys for Microsoft Office
* Backup your Passwords saved in web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, e more)
* Backup Wirelles their passwords (WEP/WAP)
* Backup different passwords logins

* Backup passwords in instant messengers on
* Backup passwords in customer’s e-mail


* Backup passwords/data from your routers, your existing usb
* Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 8.1
* Compatible: Windows X64, Windows X86
* It’s safe and fast

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