xRAT 2

xRAT 2


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xRAT 2

A great free RAT with good futures.Features

Buffered TCP/IP stream
Protocol Buffers

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Compressed & Encrypted traffic between Client Server
Custom social engineering tactic to elevate Admin privileges (betabot’s trick)
Visit Website (hidden & visible)
Show Messagebox
Task Manager
File Manager
Remote Desktop
Remote Shell

Xena RATCracked

Download & Execute
System Information
Computer Commands (Restart, Shutdown, Standby)

DDoS Methods (Slowloris, UDP, SYN)
Password Stealer (Browsers, FTP-Clients)
Startup Persistence

for more help contact me
jabber: bilalkhanicompk@jabber.ru

Password : adrikadi

Download Link 1

Mirror Link 2

Download Link 3

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