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VertexNet Loader v1.2.1 + Tutorial

vertex botnet

VertexNet Loader v1.2.1 + Tutorial

VertexNet ‘re a botnet / loader programmed in c + + for it DarkCoderSc French . It serves to control PCs via commands from a web panel .

Sus basic functions are :

– Download file
– Ejecutar
– Send message
– Keylogger
DDoS – simple
Remote – Shell

DarkSky DDoS Loader Bot Cracked

Read – file
– Uninstall
– Visit pagina web
– Update server


Sunset in progress :
VertexNet works like otras them as Zeus botnet , and you need some basic conocimientos site to configurarlo dejarlo and running.

1 – Getting a web host that supports PHP and MySQL for web panel it up , you can sign one be free payment .
2 – Create a user and one database in mysql .
3 – Import las tablas : Logueate en tu tu panel in mysql host , look into the matter and main pagina en donde dice ” file to import” select file it “Web Panel \ SQL \ vertexnet.sql ” de tu pc , after preciona in continue and should appear something like this : “The import is successful ejecutó if ejecutaron 12 queries .”
4 – Modify file it “Web Panel \ inc \ ” with the data connection of the database and guardarlo .
5 – Load all them archivos del panel web host al .
6 – Open it VNBuilder.exe modify the data of the web server and generar it .

Username and password to enter panel al web :
User : root
Password : toor




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