REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed)

REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed)


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REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed)


Remcos is a lightweight and fast Remote Administration Tool with a wide array of functionalities, contained in a tiny package
The Server part, written in C++, is only ~90 kb of size uncompressed and contains all the functions.
Performance and speed have been a priority in the development.



No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Windows
from WinXP to Win10, 32-64 bit, including Server editions.
Remcos will not require any extra dependency to run.
All it needs is contained in any standard Windows installation.

Robust connection:
* Robust Keep alive system makes sure your connection with the remote host/s will never get lost.
* 100% Encrypted connection protects transmitted data from sniffers. Not a single byte is sent un-encrypted.
* Backup connection addresses will make sure your remote host will connect even if one or more addresses go offline.

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You don’t even have to sit at the computer: Download logs and files, and performs other actions automatically on hosts connection.

Mass Commands:
You can send any command to more then one remote host, or even to all the connected ones in same time.
Search for a file name on all your machines network, download&execute a file, shutdown all of them and much more.

Surveillance functions:
Transform the remote machine in a completely stealth surveillance station.


*Password recovery lets you recover remotely saved passwords from all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), and various Instant Messaging software (Pidgin, Trillian, Miranda, ICQ, and more.)
And from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP…etc
*ScreenLogger takes screenshots on a time-interval basis or when the user opens some chosen windows, webpages or programs. SS’s are stored encrypted and are erased when the remote operator retrieves them.
*Offline Keylogger stores logs totally encrypted, and will wipe them out after sending them to C&C operator.
*Online Keylogger lets you see what remote user types (and which window opens) in realtime.
*Camera Capture lets you capture a live stream of the remote camera, and save frames to disk.
*Microphone Capture lets you capture the audio from the machine’s microphone in real-time, or even when you are offline, storing audio files.

Want to use Remcos as a stealthy remote surveillance tool?
Process Injection, Anti-Analysis techniques, total encryption of connection and stored logs, and full compatibility with exe Protectors, will make it hard to spot.

Connections Interface
Here you can view all connected hosts,and send commands to one or more of them.

Wide array of functions which can be performed on one or more hosts at the same time.
Despite its wide range of functionalities, Remcos Server its contained in a single ~90 kb C++ executable.
That’s because performance has always been a priority in the development, as well as maximum compatibility with any Windows system.

Password Recovery
Recover remote passwords from any popular browser:
Internet Explorer – Google Chrome – Mozilla Firefox – Safari – Opera
and from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP…etc
and from a wide variety of Instant Messaging software:
Pidgin – Trillian – Miranda – ICQ – Digsby – PaltalkScene – Windows MSN/Live Messenger

take automatically screenshots offline, and store them encrypted.
View and download screenshots comfortably anytime.
Screenshots can be taken each x minutes, or when window title or webpage contains a word from a word-list.
This allows you to take screenshots automatically anytime the user opens some webpage or application of interest.

Remcos includes powerful and versatile Keylogger functionality.
Offline Keylogger will automatically log data and store it encrypted on the remote machine.
You can retrieve it anytime, manually or automatically via AutoTasks.
Remcos Keylogger captures:
Keystrokes – Active Window – Clipboard Copy/Paste – Idle time
Online Keylogger

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let’s you see what’s going on in realtime, without storing any remote log!
Any single keystroke will be displayed as soon as typed.
Selective Keylogger
Want to capture only user input which happens in one or more defined windows, programs or webpages?
With the Selective Keylogger mode, the Keylogger will self-activate when user enters a target window, and will self-disable when exits from it.

Automatic Tasks
Automatically send tasks to hosts as soon as they connect.
Download logs and files, update/uninstall your remote client, and more.
Without needing your physical presence at the PC.

for more help contact me


Password : adrikadi

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