Mail Brute 1.5


Mail Brute 1.5

The program of the order of the mail server

A turn of a few to 100 incidents
If you do not want to pay attention,

how does it work?
An initial test is performed on a predefined cell (for more than a few seconds, for example)
by combining the cores of the droplets with the sparse solids
If you want to send the order you need to send (for example).

* Macro of the valuation of the barring (before the disassembled data from the user’s authorization, as well as the I%):
DAY% – money
MONTH% – Ðåñÿö
YEAR% – yo

USA Bank login Cracker Bruter

YEAR2% – 2 nd of the previous year
LOGIN% – Löhli
I (integer / char)% – the next I to the right of the empty line (digit / value), the size of the filter,% of the value.

A shortcut can be linked to one as a whole (“+”).

Wonderful data from the server:

Displays the processing of data in the context of the message:
login% = vasya
i123456% = 123456
day% + month% + year% = 10061990
day% + month% + year2% = 100690
month% + day% + year% = 06101990
month% + day% + year2% = 061090
iqwerty% = qwerty
login% + day% = vasya10
day% + login% = 10vasya


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