Malicious Software

Solar botnet


Solar botnet


Detail Coded in Lazarus (Pascal)
Detail Code is fully relocatable (Shellcode)
Detail Uses custom CRC32 API loader

SpyEye Botnet+ All modules + Collector + Panel + Bc

Detail Uses BeaEngine Disassembler for x86 and x64
Detail Uses named pipes for inter-process communication
Detail Multpiple layers of encryption and compression
Detail Global Ring 3 rootkit
Detail No own process
Detail Fully Unicode
Detail No dependencies (Only standard system DLLs)
Detail Multiple Anti-Debug methods
Detail Unique Server->Bot traffic encryption
Detail Anti bot installation


Feature Internet Explorer Formgrabber
Feature Mozilla FireFox Formgrabber
Feature Google Chrome Formgrabber
Feature SPDY Grabbing
Feature FTP and POP3 Grabber
Feature SlowLoris DDOS
Feature SlowPost DDOS
Feature GET Flood
Feature UDP DDOS
Feature Update and Download System
Feature MD5 Verified Update and Download System
Feature Reverse Socks 5
Feature Browse URL (Visible)
Feature Browse URL (Hidden)

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